luddfritt.prima wipes, 20×20 cm, including shipping

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As more and more tattoo artists have become aware of the benefits of using premium tattoo wipes, our manufacturer have had difficulties requiring material to meet our demands – luddfritt.original is at any time unfortunately available in a limited quantity: when we’re out of stock, we are out of it and have to wait for stock material to arrive and be made into luddfritt.orginal.

That’s why we are now introducing luddfritt.prima!

luddfritt.prima have the same high absorption properties as our original product, but offers an even softer experience for your clients. luddfritt.prima is manufactured using exactly the same techniques as luddfritt.original.

We offer luddfritt.prima at the same price as luddfritt.orginal. It also comes in the same dimensions as our original product, 20×20 cm (approx. 8×8 inches). Those of you who prefer our 20x32cm dimension will have to stick to luddfritt.original for now. It is sold in set quantities of 5.000, 10.000 and 20.000 wipes.

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