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This year we are proud sponsors of Stockholm Ink Bash. We supply tissues for every working artist as well a giving away a years supply (30 kg) of tissues to each “best of day” winner, 3 in total. As per usual we are also offering each artist a 10% discount valid in our shop up to a month after the show. Peace!

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Hello Estonia

We’re proud to announce that we’re now open for business to our Estonian colleagues. We hope to serve many artists and are glad to find that sponsoring Helsinki Ink this year seems to have gotten the word out east as well. Peace!

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Sponsoring Helsinki Ink

For the first time is heading towards Finland tomorrow for the Helsinki Ink Convention. We are sponsoring the show to show Finland what premium tattooing tissues should be like. Each artist will get enough tissues to last the entire convention and there will be a convention special, up to 20% discount for any artists that wishes to stock up from our webshop after trying us out.

See you in Finland,

Erik & Alice


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Weˋre shipping to the US – BETA

Big news! We’re now shipping our tissues air freight to the US. We´re hoping to set up local transatlantic distribution one day but until then we at least offer the possibility for our fellow American artists to order straight from our warehouse in Gothenburg, Sweden. Now, become luddfri you too!

All prices include shipping to your door and as with all orders on prices per kg drops significantly when ordering larger volumes. 30 kgs last one tattoo artist approx. a year, working daily in a shop. Don´t buy a pig in a poke though – to get some product samples, please email us and we’ll arrange that for you.

Please note that shipping to the US is currently being beta-tested by us. We are still working out shipping rates across different states. Our pricing online is based on experience from previous shipments. Any US orders must currently be confirmed price wise before being shipped off. All our pricing includes shipping but may have to be modified when we control the final shipping rate. Upon ordering you will be personally contacted via email to let you know. Any customs fees and/or taxes applied on enteringe US will have to be paid for by the buyer. We however use invoicing 30 days net payment for all our shipments globally so no funds will have to be paid before reception of goods. That’s how much we trust you to like our products : )

A list referencing artists already using our tissues are hopefully coming up soon!

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Hello Spain

Today we got out first order from Spain. We celebrate this by officially opening our online shop to the Spanish market. Note that we already do ship all over Europe, even if your specific country might not currently be represented in our shop. Send us an email and we´ll arrange your order and open up for your market. We will gradually add more and more countries to our shop. If you think we take too long, drop us a line and we’ll make sure to open for your country ASAP.

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Translation bug located

We’ve been wrestling for a while with an annoying bug causing multiple languages to appear randomly at various places. Finally we’ve located the bug causing this. Within shortly things should be correct again, in both languages. In fact the English version should be almost correct already, and all that’s missing is some translation back into Swedish. We’re sorry for any inconvenience in this matter especially while checking out.

We have built, or should we say are building our shop from scratch in Worpress. With our limited experience and knowledge there’s unfortunately bound to be some bumps in the road, but we’re getting there. If there’s ever any problems while ordering online, please don’t hesitate to email your order to us.