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Welcome to our updated shop

Our shop may look more or less the same; clean design, no Fuzz. We´ve been polishing small details, moved to new servers, and last but not least we´ve added international pricing, all including shipping to Your chosen destination. Now when we open up we´ve added Denmark and Germany to our shipping destinations, and before the end of July We will have added plenty more EU countries, as well as Norway.

I want to take some time to thank customers for their patience with our last shop, and also to apologize for any inconvenience during our transition from one platform to another. is more or less a one man operation. Sometimes changes and updates takes a while, that´s why I really appreciate returning customers who reports bugs and problems: I also want to thank you for registering orders by phone or email when the webshop has been broken. I´m never further away than a phone call or an email. Hopefully this version of the shop will turn out more stable. Having said that, no one is more thankful than me for bug reports and comments that can make our service better.

For international customers we now offer pricing in Euros, €. These are based on our Swedish prices and calculated using current exchange rates. We update these rates at least monthly. This means your international price may change slightly between orders. Due to EU and Swedish regulations all Business to Business invoicing will be made in Swedish Krona, SEK. However, we always apply the same exchange rate to your invoice as was used when you placed your order.

I wish you all a beautiful summer,

Best wishes,