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Hello Spain

Today we got out first order from Spain. We celebrate this by officially opening our online shop to the Spanish market. Note that we already do ship all over Europe, even if your specific country might not currently be represented in our shop. Send us an email and we´ll arrange your order and open up for your market. We will gradually add more and more countries to our shop. If you think we take too long, drop us a line and we’ll make sure to open for your country ASAP.

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Translation bug located

We’ve been wrestling for a while with an annoying bug causing multiple languages to appear randomly at various places. Finally we’ve located the bug causing this. Within shortly things should be correct again, in both languages. In fact the English version should be almost correct already, and all that’s missing is some translation back into Swedish. We’re sorry for any inconvenience in this matter especially while checking out.

We have built, or should we say are building our shop from scratch in Worpress. With our limited experience and knowledge there’s unfortunately bound to be some bumps in the road, but we’re getting there. If there’s ever any problems while ordering online, please don’t hesitate to email your order to us.



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Hello Finland


We have now added Finland to our webshop. If you reside somewher not yet covered here in the shop, drop us an email and we will make sure you get whatever you need, and make sure to add your country to our shop.

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Hello UK


We have now added UK, including Wales and Scotland to our webshop. If you reside somewher not yet covered here in the shop, drop us an email and we will make sure you get whatever you need, and make sure to add your country to our shop.

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30 days net for everyone

As you may or may not know depending if you are a customer since before, we send all our customers invoices instead of charging ahead of orders being shipped off. Now we’re stretching our terms to from 10 to 30 days for everyone, Swedish as well as international customers. Furthermore, by public demand, we’re bringing back PayPal as payment option for international orders, easily payable with all major credit cards. EU customers who provide a valid VAT number at checkout will not have Swedish VAT added to their order, as per EU regulations.

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Hi Norway.


We have added Norway to the list of countries we ship to. Since Norway is outside the EU orders there incur some added costs due to export customs etc. Due to this we strongly recommend Norwegian customers to go for larger orders, since prices per kg drops significantly with larger quantities – down to less than 50% compared to buying smaller orders more often.

This recommendation goes for all of you, Swedish as well as international customers. At larger order quantities prices drop a lot per kilo. To easily get an overview of how much one saves by ordering more tissues less often, compared to 15 kg over and over again, we´ve added this information to each product image. Flick through our set quantities (15-30-60-120 kg) to see how much You can save.

Also, today we moved from shared servers to private servers to further improve site stability. Again we apologize for the BETA period as of lately, we have over a period of time updated and reformatted our shop. This might have caused inconvenience to your shopping experience. However, finally it seems we´ve hit home.

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Welcome to our updated shop

Our shop may look more or less the same; clean design, no Fuzz. We´ve been polishing small details, moved to new servers, and last but not least we´ve added international pricing, all including shipping to Your chosen destination. Now when we open up we´ve added Denmark and Germany to our shipping destinations, and before the end of July We will have added plenty more EU countries, as well as Norway.

I want to take some time to thank customers for their patience with our last shop, and also to apologize for any inconvenience during our transition from one platform to another. is more or less a one man operation. Sometimes changes and updates takes a while, that´s why I really appreciate returning customers who reports bugs and problems: I also want to thank you for registering orders by phone or email when the webshop has been broken. I´m never further away than a phone call or an email. Hopefully this version of the shop will turn out more stable. Having said that, no one is more thankful than me for bug reports and comments that can make our service better.

For international customers we now offer pricing in Euros, €. These are based on our Swedish prices and calculated using current exchange rates. We update these rates at least monthly. This means your international price may change slightly between orders. Due to EU and Swedish regulations all Business to Business invoicing will be made in Swedish Krona, SEK. However, we always apply the same exchange rate to your invoice as was used when you placed your order.

I wish you all a beautiful summer,

Best wishes,